The Federal Contractor Network is a great networking medium for government contractors; however it competes with the likes of LinkedIn and Facebook.  How does the site keep its customers? Honestly, I don’t know what keeps people there.  The layout is reasonably simple and white-background-based like Facebook but its geared to a highly targeted audience. In the end, as a member of the website, it has come across as advertisement for a select group of companies for marketing and training e events and as a place to advertise and look for jobs.  The website is more complicated than Facebook with its homepage.  Its crowded out with groups, inbox, general newsfeed, events, etc.  Its like the designer couldn’t figure out what to put on the main page and tried to squeeze everything on the main page.  Overall, it is ok and hopefully will gain more popularity and begin to develop a personality of its own (like Facebook) and evolve into more than just a networking medium.


The above is a basic idea I envisioned for a simple website. Originally, I was thinking about posting a website for my resume or highlighting my photography, but then I thought why not for my fiancee’s work? I created his business card so why not a website? When showcasing one’s work, I believe it best to show the work and not to lose the viewer in the details of a fancy page.  My basic ingredients include an about page, photography of Sean’s work and then a contact page. The pic of our beagle Bert may be a picture of Sean’s work at a restaurant, house or barn or maybe a photo of him.

Not sure how to save the color palette to my zip drive, so below are the color titles that I like. I am building a simple website to showcase my fiancee’s carpentry.  Most likley, I’ll choose a simple blue, black or grey background with orange and/or red text.  The color palette is via Color Scheme Designer 3.

Primary Color: 

 FFBA00  BF9830 A67900  FFCB40  FFD973

Secondary Color A:-

78E700  6FAD2B  4E9600  9BF33D  B3F36D

Secondary Color B: 

 DE0052  A62A58  900035  EE3C7E  EE6B9C

Complementary Color:

 1826B0  2E3784  081272  4C59D8  717BD8 

Primary Color:

FFBA00 BF9830 A67900 FFCB40 FFD973

Secondary Color A:

78E700 6FAD2B 4E9600 9BF33D B3F36D

Secondary Color B:

DE0052 A62A58 900035 EE3C7E EE6B9C

Complementary Color:

1826B0 2E3784 081272 4C59D8 717BD8

It is hard to find a website that is just truly plain good. I think anyone nowadays could pick out a site that is built well. Take Facebook as an example…it is one of the most important and popular of websites to millions globally, but look at how simple and plain the design and navigation is. You are taken to what seems to be the most important part of the website upon login…to the newsfeed so that you can check in on your friends and their current activity and ‘statuses’. 

Anyhow, this isn’t a blog about Facebook and its efficient design. This blog will highlight two websites that have overall general good design, colors, text and provide a fairly pleasant experience to the user. Small companies can fall flat on their faces if they don’t design a website well; however these two get the job done well.

DTS, Inc.

DTS has a very simple format and color palette.  The menu guides you from left to right.  Gray, black, white and red drive the color theme of the website.  DTS provides the basic components that the federal partner or customer may be looking for. It presents its information and then is done.


Edaptive Systems

The Edaptive Systems menu is driven by text and image.  It guides you from left to right.  The page is driven by black, grey, red and white.  There is more of marketing spin behind the imagery; its aim is to inspire and evoke curiousity in the viewer and guide the person through the webpage via emotion.  This website may appeal to a direct Edaptive customer, employee or potential hire.

Susanne Clark  

Clip art

Cello group shot

Abstract cello woman

I absolutely love jazz, classical, bluegrass, and all sorts of music.  I found my event:


Center for the Arts Recital Hall

Wednesday, April 13, 11 a.m.

A perfect way to introduce young people to the wonderful world of music, this concert features all string instruments in solo and ensemble settings with music by Beethoven, Mozart, Bartok, Bernstein, and Gershwin.

Admission is free. Advanced reservation required, call 410-704-2838.

Doing internet research on a project for class.  The objective is to pick an event from the TU website and to model a poster advertising the event.  This is mostly a ‘brain dump’ of sorts.

Scroll down to AC Newman, third one down.  Its a cityscape in blue lines with rising water levels.

Cape Farewell.  The whole series – I like how simple colors are used.  The poster is very text driven with alot of information crammed on to the page.  With the simplicity of the image and the colors, somehow the heaviness of the text works.

Jazz. My original thought is to create a poster for a music event.  The idea is simple, but grows complex with the curvy flowing text.  There are two colors – black and white.  The image – a musician playing an instrument and words are flowing from his fingers or instrument.  The words have become the music.

Some distracting fun with classic posters.

30 Inspiring Poster Designs.


3-D Typography