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Baltimore’s Farmer’s Market Returns on April 1st. Care to stand in line with 8,000 other peeps for your favorite goods on a nice day?

More info here.

Coming back to the blogosphere, you’ll be hearing more from me as I explore the world of sustainability, what it means to live in harmony with the earth and how, and of course my deepest passion – FOOD!!! And no, I won’t be just posting recipes and pictures. My blogs will explore all aspects of what it goes into growing food, buying food, buying locally, eating healthy, and everything else in between. I’ll leave with an amazing commercial I watched on the Grammy’s recently. Click the link below to watch:

Back to the Start Chipotle Commercial with Willie Nelson

In class, we got a little distracted and began talking about eggs and breakfast for dinner.  Our teacher’s husband will make eggs for the kids on Wednesday nights during our class.  Conversation slowly changed to how we like our eggs and one was ‘eggs in the basket’ and the other was ‘toads in the hole’.  Well, Toads in the hole, once Googled, ended up being a British casserole with sausage.  Conversation again evolved to Beef Wellington and to other meat dishes using a crust, phyllo dough or puff pastry, which leads to me posting the chicken pot pie link with phyllo dough.  This is more of a spring dish.  I have made this with asparagus and other seasonal veggies.  I’ll still add in the corn, peas, carrots combo to help ground this in chicken pot pie regular-ness.  Here is the link to the Chicken Pot Pie. 

I don’t typically add in all the cups of broth recommended.  For a variation in flavor: try with red wine, cream, nutmeg, sage and white pepper with the other seasoning.  This makes the pie a little more ‘rich’ and ‘wintery’ with a kick.

Also egg monster **** was mentioned.  Couldn’t find a recipe, except for a casserole dish.

Well, I worked more on the two drafts last night and I am pleased with how the two posters are evolving.  The end goal is to make this more kid-accessible, which is certainly a challenge with such a complicated and adult – themed science topic.  However, I was able to simplify and standardize the information moreso that these flyers can be easily mass produced by a black and white copier and/or printer.

I turned in my proposal brief last week, thinking the Northeast Maryland Tech Council needed a consistent poster for their events. Well they had a fresh poster to my dismay. (I originally thought to make a brochure for Sean, but instead may do this over the summer). Then I decided to forge ahead and create two drafts to work from as outlined in my proposal brief. Only modification is that I will do both ideas in black and white. There will be no color palette to choose from.

Click here to see Sean’s website!

Overall, if a website has a complicated appearrance with colors, graphics, and images, the text (headers and all) should be simple.  And if there is a paragraph on a website, that text should be simple also.  You want to capture the viewer’s attention and keep it, if explaining something to them.  With headers and subheaders, you can get away with some fancy flourishes, but overall even those should be readable.

For example Arno Pro Semi Bold Italic, would make a great header, and Arno Pro Regular could be the text in a paragraph.

Here are some fonts that I like:

Eurostile Std Full Family

Trade Gothic Std Full Family

And I was thinking fonts of the Industrial style or Old West style may match the theme of Sean’s carpentry.

The Federal Contractor Network is a great networking medium for government contractors; however it competes with the likes of LinkedIn and Facebook.  How does the site keep its customers? Honestly, I don’t know what keeps people there.  The layout is reasonably simple and white-background-based like Facebook but its geared to a highly targeted audience. In the end, as a member of the website, it has come across as advertisement for a select group of companies for marketing and training e events and as a place to advertise and look for jobs.  The website is more complicated than Facebook with its homepage.  Its crowded out with groups, inbox, general newsfeed, events, etc.  Its like the designer couldn’t figure out what to put on the main page and tried to squeeze everything on the main page.  Overall, it is ok and hopefully will gain more popularity and begin to develop a personality of its own (like Facebook) and evolve into more than just a networking medium.