In class, we got a little distracted and began talking about eggs and breakfast for dinner.  Our teacher’s husband will make eggs for the kids on Wednesday nights during our class.  Conversation slowly changed to how we like our eggs and one was ‘eggs in the basket’ and the other was ‘toads in the hole’.  Well, Toads in the hole, once Googled, ended up being a British casserole with sausage.  Conversation again evolved to Beef Wellington and to other meat dishes using a crust, phyllo dough or puff pastry, which leads to me posting the chicken pot pie link with phyllo dough.  This is more of a spring dish.  I have made this with asparagus and other seasonal veggies.  I’ll still add in the corn, peas, carrots combo to help ground this in chicken pot pie regular-ness.  Here is the link to the Chicken Pot Pie. 

I don’t typically add in all the cups of broth recommended.  For a variation in flavor: try with red wine, cream, nutmeg, sage and white pepper with the other seasoning.  This makes the pie a little more ‘rich’ and ‘wintery’ with a kick.

Also egg monster **** was mentioned.  Couldn’t find a recipe, except for a casserole dish.